Friday, May 30, 2008

Junkhouse Dollyard Returns to Milwaukee

We are very excited to announce the return of our friend and Fasten co-founder, Kathryn Wilson! She is back home after being in Japan and China for a year. We will be showing her most recent collection of photographs, as well as her new clothing designs.

Join us Friday June 6th at 6pm for an opening reception and homecoming party. Refreshments and happiness will abound.

Kathryn Wilson grew up in Wisconsin. She studied photography at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, during this time she also studied in Thailand and China. She graduated with a BFA and moved to Japan for a year. There she found a shop to sell her clothes, published photos in a magazine and showed her work in a few fashion and photography shows.

After that she went to Shanghai for three months to do an old fashioned apprenticeship with the master photographer Maleonn. She participated in a group photography show and modeled for a few photographers while continuing to work on her photography and clothing.
You can see her work at

Artist's Statement
"All of my work is very personal. I use it as a way to understand myself and this silly world and how we can work together or not. Art that is most powerful to me is very honest work and I want people who look at my photos to feel a connection to similar emotions or understand something about human nature."

"I made this series after one month of studying under the Chinese photographer Maleonn. I had the opportunity to become his friend and assistant for three months. During this time, his incredible talent and generosity inspired me and helped me discover who I am as an artist. This was a great transitional period in my life and a lot of powerful things happened around me that I can't really describe in words, but some of that is preserved forever in these photos. I look at them as a rung on a ladder and each time I create something new I'm taking another step towards something bigger than myself."

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