Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Third Coast Digest wrote an article about Fasten's transformation and Sparrow's birth. Read it here.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grand Opening for Sparrow Collective

Big Changes

Dearest Fasten Patrons, (not very bad news, I promise!)

The Fasten Co-op was established way back in 2003 as an idea. That idea flourished into a storefront three-and-a-half years ago. And Fasten has been the go-to place for Milwaukee designers who want to establish and promote their work, and fashion connoisseurs who want to support locally handmade clothing.

It's been such a pleasure to do business in Bayview with all of you awesome people, designers and customers alike. But at the end of April, Fasten will no longer be a store.

Never fear! There will still be a place for Milwaukee to buy handmade awesomeness! A collective under new management has sprouted in our place! Sparrow Collective is the new store bringing you much of the same exact things you loved at Fasten, PLUS unique handmade items from out-of-state designers, and new types of items like pottery and home goods.

Fasten will live on and continue to promote and support local designers, artists, and musicians, only now without a permanent brick-and-mortar home. Please stay in touch with us! Our blog will be updated more than ever with style updates, artists interviews, and info on events happening all over the city. And keep your eyes open for some awesome runway, art, and music events that we will be producing later this year!

Thank you all for the support and friendship over the years!

XOXO -Fasten