Friday, February 29, 2008

Gallery Show

"Once, Maybe Twice"

Work from Milwaukee artist Zhana Vaynberg

Showing March 7th thru April 11th

At Fasten Designer Collective

Opening Reception March 14th, 7-9pm

Zhana Vaynberg lives in Riverwest and has been painting for about five years. She has been in a number of gallery shows, including the Charles Allis Museum Juried Show in 2006. She has also done a lot of commission work. While she started out using acrylic paint,Zhana now uses oil paint exclusively. She has also spent a year engraving realistic portraits into tombstones.


John Cocteau has said that "artists can no more speak about their work, than plants can speak about horticulture." I strongly agree with this statement. I never really ask why I am painting something, I just do. There is an itch and it needs to get scratched. There are people who are gone that need tangible replacements. There are moments I don’t want to forget. These are the things that my art focuses on, whether or not it is even my intention or desire. This series is a collection of all the work that has made it through shows and purchase from the past couple of years, 2006 being the climax of a four year stage focusing only on realism, and 2007 finally starting to exit from that. My central interests and themes to date have mostly been to capture beauty or just certain moments in a natural way. Much like the difference between a film and a documentary, when I work, I do not use or base anything off of photographs that have been or seem posed. I only want the natural. I am interested almost entirely in the human form, human interactions, and human frailty. -ZV

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Craft Magazine Issue Release Party!

Craft Magazine has asked crafty people and places to host an issue release party in 6 US cities. They asked Paper Boat Boutique and Fasten Collective to co-sponsor and host the Milwaukee party!
Join us on Sunday, March 9 from 12-3pm for a party celebrating the release of CRAFT: 06 (the "Play" issue). Fasten Designer Collective will host a free hands-on craft demonstration to make felt monsters inspired by the ones on the issue's cover. You'll also enjoy snacks and drinks, fabulous door prizes, and special subscription deals. Come have some handmade fun and check out the new issue while you're at it. Hope to see you there!

CRAFT: 06 Release Party
Sunday, March 9, 12-3pm
@ Fasten Designer Collective
2224 S Kinnickinnic Ave
Phone: 414-747-9229

Craft Night

Our first monthly craft night was great fun. We made jewelry, purses, dolls(?), and had fun with embroidery and applique. Some people brought projects from home, others came empty-handed and left with finished pretties. And just for the record, our attendees weren't all female.

Thanks to Jessica and Jerrod who brought some delicious tomato basil thingies, and Stephanie who brought yummy candy berries....mmm....and of course no fasten event is complete without PBR.

This will definitely be a monthly event. We have plenty of donated supplies to use up, as well as great fabric and trim for sale in the boutique. Maybe next time we'll have a planned project for those people who come without anything, that one of our designers can lead us with.
The next Craft Night will be March 26th at 6pm!

March Classes

March 2008

Basic Sewing
Wednesday March 5th 6-9 pm
Fee: $20
This class is for all with an interest in garment making or repairing with little or no experience. Students will learn how to use their machines and with guided practice become comfortable with basic seams and hems. We will also discuss fabrics, patterns, cutting, and the basics of garment construction. Materials: There is only one machine available to rent for the class for $5, so students are encouraged to bring their own or borrowed machine. All other supplies provided

DIY Screen-Printing
Thursday March 20 6-9 pm
Fee: $20
Learn the best tools and techniques for in-home screen-printing. Through demonstrations explore stretching screens, image prep, drawing and photo emulsion, exposing screens and the printing processSupplies: all provided.

Novice Knitting
Wednesday March 19th 6-9 pm
Fee: $25
A class for beginning knitters or those with some experience. Beginners will learn basic knit and pearl, those with some experience will be taught some more technical and complicated techniques. Students will choose one wintery apparel project to design and completeSupplies: Please bring one pair of needles size 5 or larger. One skein of yarn will be provided, but students are welcome to bring their own choice of any yarn.

Beautiful Beads
Saturday March 8th 1-3 pm
Fee: $25
Mix colors and shapes or add charms to express your own style. We will discuss basic techniques, as wells as beading supplies as you discover how to create stunning strung necklaces and bracelets. There will be a selection of beads provided to accent your own or swap with others. Participate in a creation parade at the end of the class to show off your designs. No experience or tools needed just fun.Supplies: Please bring 2-3 packages of beads (6-12 count) or 2 strands of beads. All Other supplies provided.

Basic Hand Sewing and Embroidery
Tuesday March 25 6-9pm
Fee: $25
Learn basic hand stitching and embroidery techniques. These skills can be useful for all types of sewing and can inspire great additions to all your sewing projects. Basics stitches, their uses, and the techniques for using them will be discussed and practiced. Students will create a small appliqué purse using their newfound embroidery knowledge.Supplies: All supplies will be provided

-All workshops will be held at Fasten in Bay View
-Students are expected to bring their own machines, however, there is a house machine available for a $5 usage fee.
-Students receive a 40% discount on supplies purchased at Fasten during the month of class.
-Students must sign up at least one week before the class date.
-Call 414-747-9229 to pay by credit card, Or mail a check with your name, address, phone number, and the class title to
Fasten Collective
2224 S Kinnickinnic Ave.
Milwaukee WI 53207

Monday, February 4, 2008

Tee Time

Saturday, February 23rd 1-3pm

At Fasten 2224 S Kinnickinnic Ave

Every year billions of t-shirts hit the landfill in the US. A shame, especially considering how easy and fun it is to transform these stretchy bits of cotton into fun new fashions.

Tee Time is a new monthly event at the boutique. One of our DIY experts will be in the store with a sewing machine, a dress form, and a pile of used t-shirts. Cutting, draping, flipping, and stitching. Come in to watch the magic. Ask questions, even bring your own tee that you want re-fitted or re-fashioned. Free and open to everyone.

This month, Little Ocean Designer Janelle Gramling will be our "host".

Craft Night!

Wednesday, February 27 from 6-9pm.

Free and open to everyone. Come to Fasten to share (or borrow) some creative energy. We'll be hanging out, chatting, and of course, making stuff. Bring your own project or come use our donated supply of paper, fiber, and jewelry materials. One sewing machine will be available, but feel free to bring your own. At least one Fasten DIY expert will be in attendance for help and inspiration.

Also, make more friends faster by bringing snacks, drinks, and extra supplies to share!

Hopefully this will be a monthly event!