Thursday, May 1, 2008

Featured Designer

This month, our featured designer is Leah Parkhurst of Rustbelt Fiberwerks. Her collection of printed tees are works of art. Read our mini interview to learn more about Leah.

How old is your business Rustbelt Fiberwerks?

I established Rustbelt Fiberwerks in the summer of 2006.

How long have you been printing in general?

I have been screen-printing for about the past 6 years.

Why do you choose to print on 2nd hand clothing?

I am committed to using recycled and repurposed materials not only to cut down on waste, but also because they come with their own history, which is very important to the subject of my work.

Are you involved in other art endeavors? What are they?

I have a solo show of prints coming up at the Mercy Hill Gallery located in the Hide House at 2625 South Greeley Street in Milwaukee. The reception is May 9th from five to nine p.m.

Where does your inspiration come from for the subjects in your prints?

My current body of work addresses issues of memory and talks
about our relationship to the past. I start with a subject or memory and then begin layering and building the piece. My goal is to provide people with elements to help record and hallmark their daily lives.

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