Monday, March 3, 2008

Featured Collection: Papavier Pockets

Our featured collection this month is Papavier’s felt pockets. Papavier is the label under which artist and mommy Jessica Franzen sells her fun and earthy jewelry, clothing, and accessories. Raised in a crafty family, and focused on fine art throughout school, Papavier is an outlet for Jessica’s irresistible desire to create. "All the opportunities and encouragement I’ve found in Milwaukee and the places like Fasten have blossomed all this ambition and inspiration. I plan to keep doing this for a long time."

Jessica’s adorable and versatile felt pockets and cases come in many shapes and sizes perfect for carrying your glasses, cell phone, or change. Hand-stitched owls, flowers, trees, and other stylized personalities are appliquéd in bright colors. So unique, and full of character, they make the perfect gift and remind us that spring is just around the corner.

Designer Statement:

After sewing small trinket things for years and years, this particular collection began after making some simple Christmas gifts for family. I started to have a lot more ideas for appliqués and styles and we started cutting and sewing like crazy. My style usually reflects my taste for earth tones and nature but the inspiration I get everywhere has led me to branch out into bright colors and cutsie shapes. Whether it be the quality or the style, with every pouch something improves and I branch out even more. There are so many different uses for all the different styles and they’re something you don’t see everywhere. I like to think they catch your eye because they aren’t your average everyday purse and handbag.