Sunday, March 1, 2009

March's Featured Artist- Owl Eyes

Owl Eyes has been gracing Fasten with it's screenprinted tees since early 2008, but only recently has this line expanded to beautiful handmade clothing. Rachel Muza, the genius behind Owl Eyes tells her story below.

What brought on the switch from screen printing to making dresses?

With screenprinting, I could only print the same design so many times before I got bored with it. There's much more freedom with sewing. Each thing I make is different, I can put a lot more of myself into it.

How did you learn how to sew?

I basically taught myself how to sew. I started by looking at other pieces of clothing and figuring out how they were made. I ruined a lot of awesome vintage fabric that way, but I learned a lot. I also watched my mom sew all my life, so I pretty much knew the basics just from being observant, and kind of worked my way from the there.

Your whole family seems to be creative, it doesn't seem like you had a choice in designing. Are they your muse?

I'm the youngest of 6 children, and we each have our own artistic thing. I could go down the list, but there is so many of us!!! My mom, who also designs for Fasten, deserves a lot of credit. She helped me out whenever I had question or could not figure something out. She has also been pretty awesome at sharing her fabric collection.

Initially, the fabric itself inspires me. Sometimes I know what to make out of a piece of cloth as soon as I see it. Sometimes I will look at old patterns for ideas and try to re-create vintage styles with a modern touch.

What is the best music to sew to?

Vinyl!!! I have been sewing to Bob Dylan and Kimya Dawsom records. Also, I discovered that Elton John used to make really really good music, back in his early days. No one believe me, but it's true!!

What's next for Owl Eyes?

I'm working on my summer collection right now. I'll probably bring it all into Fasten around April or early May.

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f2images said...

I'll have to stop by and check out more of her work! Looks very sweet so far!

-Emiko ;)