Monday, February 2, 2009

Featured Designer

This month, we featured Amy Medtlie of AM Jewelry. She's brand new to Fasten, and has with us a great line of earrings that we're excited to carry this Valentine's Day season!

Read our interview with her below.

How was AM Jewelry born?
I guess I described above how I started crafting. The line itself is just my initials. Not super creative. I did have a really awesome/cheesy wordplay slogan based off of the a.m. in the label that I used to put on my display cards. It was "Start your day off fashionably."

Describe your line.
I create pieces that I would want to wear. Which means my color choices are often limited to the colors I like! This also means that my pieces are of high quality materials, very simple and functional but also fun and a little funky. I make earrings that I hope can be very timeless.

What materials do you use most often? Where do you get your beads?
I use sterling silver for all my earring wires and headpins. If my beads aren't Czech glass then they're typically semi-precious stones, like jade or turquoise, or natural materials, like bone, wood, or horn. I get my beads from bead stores and fairs and old necklaces that I find and take apart. My favorite bead store that I have found is in Minneapolis. I have traveled to many states since I discovered that one and still haven't found one I like better.

Have there been any experiences in your life that have inspired you as a designer?
My mom is an artist and my sister is very artistic. Growing up watching them create art made me want to find an avenue to express myself creatively.

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