Thursday, February 28, 2008

Craft Night

Our first monthly craft night was great fun. We made jewelry, purses, dolls(?), and had fun with embroidery and applique. Some people brought projects from home, others came empty-handed and left with finished pretties. And just for the record, our attendees weren't all female.

Thanks to Jessica and Jerrod who brought some delicious tomato basil thingies, and Stephanie who brought yummy candy berries....mmm....and of course no fasten event is complete without PBR.

This will definitely be a monthly event. We have plenty of donated supplies to use up, as well as great fabric and trim for sale in the boutique. Maybe next time we'll have a planned project for those people who come without anything, that one of our designers can lead us with.
The next Craft Night will be March 26th at 6pm!

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russianwulfgar said...

I'll see you there tonight!