Thursday, January 31, 2008

Featured Designer: Le Petit Forest

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Miss Sabrina Peterson has brought in her latest collection of jewelry from her label Le Petit Forest. This extensive and cohesive collection of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets is sophisticated and pretty. Sabrina employs techniques including beading, wire-bending, knotting, stamping, and her amazing talent for digging up and rescuing precious vintage pieces, to make her jewelry. Aged gold chains hold mysterious ephemera, like old motel room key chains. Copper pendants proclaim “I love you” in French. Inky birds peek out gilded window lockets. Her aesthetic is the perfect balance between modern uniqueness and vintage quality and romance.

Bio: "I was born and raised in Bayview. My jewelry line started with a glue gun and string at the ripe age of sixteen. Nowadays it's an organic process. I deconstruct retro a/o vintage jewelry I find and piece it back together with modern elements. Le Petit Forest is young and still growing up. I try to tap into the mainstream (what I think is cool) but still add that vintage and off balance design aesthetic that makes it my own. I want it all to be pretty."

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